Because You Are Their Role Models! is a website that shares a father and son's 30 years of basketball life experiences together as a coach to player and more importantly father to son.

Coach Joe Sr. shares his over 55 years of experience in basketball as a player, coach (in-house, travel, AAU & college) and parent. Joe Jr. shares his experiences and demonstrates all the drills. is more than a video basketball development training website; it is an opportunity for you the parent to use our experiences so you can avoid all the pitfalls and issues of youth basketball.

AAU? Bad Coaches? Steroid use? Under age drinking? Bullying? Adult predators? Peer pressure and more are discussed here. How difficult was it for the now 34 year old Joe Jr. to never have a drink of alcohol?

Become your Kidz "Role Model" so they will develop full trust in you to talk to you and discuss any issue with you instead of their friends or finding it on the internet. is an opportunity for you and your Kidz to develop a close relationship and have fun together.

We look forward to meeting you and become a member of our basketball family.
Coach Joe Tardif Sr & Jr.

Please take the time one day and listen to the lyrics of the song "Cat's in the Cradle" the 1974 folk rock song by Harry Chapin.