* How to protect your child from predators

* This article is from http://www.notwithmychild.org/2010/01/not-with-my-child.html.

Child predators do not want you to know this information. They have a specific way of targeting not only your children, but you as parents as well. They operate in a specific pattern and rarely deviate from it. By learning how they work, you can recognize them and stop them from harming your children.

Remember, molesters are predators. They stalk and hunt our children. We want you to know what they do and how they do it so that you can arm yourself with knowledge.

Child molesters do something called grooming. Grooming is how a predator develops a friendship with the child, creating a bond, preparing them for sexual assault. Predators start by choosing the parents. They will push the boundaries of acceptable behavior to test parents and see if they can take advantage of them. They literally seduce the parents into allowing them access to their children. By charming parents and gaining their trust, the predator gains access to the family and is not suspected of inappropriate behavior.

Molesters are liars. They lie because they can and because their victims want to believe them. They create a false image within a community. By ‘charming’ the adults to believe they are a good and decent person, they have created protection for themselves if they are ever accused. This is called image management. It is planned out very carefully, and it is all a lie to get you to trust them.

Don’t give these predators power over you by accepting their lies. They rely on the embarrassment of talking about child molestation. They know that most people won’t bring the subject up. They use this to their advantage. Don’t let them.

A child molester can be anyone- man or woman, young or old, married or single. Just because a man has sex with his wife, doesn’t mean he won’t try to have sex with a child. Because these predators vary in appearance, you must look closely at their behavior in order to recognize them for what they are.


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