Hi, I am Coach Joe Tardif. I have been coaching basketball at the junior college level as both an assistant and head coach for over 10 years and on the youth level more years than I want to remember. thumbnail x drill up the middle

I often tell parents: "I have been involved with basketball for over 50 years as a player, coach and parent and that of the three roles, the role of the parent is the most difficult."

When my son Joe Jr. was in the 3rd grade we had just moved into a new town.  I took him down to watch the local in-town basketball program and what I saw appalled me. I saw coaches yelling and screaming at young players, telling them the wrong things to do and kidz not enjoying themselves.  It didn’t take long to figure out that most of the coaches were more concern with wining a 4th or 5th grade in-town game than to teach the kidz to correct way to play and to have some fun.

In all fairness to those coaches, I understand they volunteered their personal time to run practices and coach games. Many of the coaches were there to truly volunteer their time and help the kidz but some were there just to stroke their own egos and to further their own son's or daughter's chances. These coaches are the ones that can make your kidz life miserable.

I decided to put together a website that I believe is the most comprehensive and best youth skills and fundamental basketball training site. CoachYourKidz.com allows parents regardless of their previous basketball experience to teach their kidz all the basic skills required to become good basketball players.  It contains hundreds of videos to help your son or daughter to become better players.

But CoachYourKidz.com is not limited to just the teaching of basketball skills. At CoachYourKidz.com I share my many basketball experiences that both my son Joe and I had. We had so many great times and met so many wonderful people but also had many bad experiences.

My goal at CoachYourKidz.com is to not only provide you with hundreds of videos to help you teach your son or daughter to become fundamental basketball players but to also help you to be prepared for the pitfalls and barriers that you will encounter.

When I was young our family sat around the dinner table each night and we discussed what happened to each of us that day. It was our personal time. Our parents knew what was going on in our life because we sat in a controlled environment with no interruptions. How many opportunities do we have to spend quality and quiet time with our kidz today?

At the CoachYourKidz.com site I suggest that parents are often just a taxi driver for their kidz. The same happened to me but I used that time as our personal time. Joe and traveled locally and long distances and we used that time to have fun and for our private personal time. I tell parents to do the same. When you are in the car with your son or daughter all devices must be shut off; no phones, no I-pads, no I-pods, no I-am ignoring you devices. Talk to your kidz and get to know them.

Many years ago NBA great and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley set off a national debate when he participated in a commercial in which he said he was not your kidz role model. Charles Barkley took quite a bit of criticism over that comment but he was 100 percent correct. He and other athletes are not responsible for being your kidz role model. You are!

Become your kidz Role Model! Many people will tell you how fast "they grow up" and you will say yes but you will not fully comprehend it until you wake up one day and see an adult standing in front of you. Do not miss this "ONLY OPPORTUNITY" when they are young to be your child's role model. Take the time one day and listen to the lyrics of the song "Cat's in the Cradle" the 1974 folk rock song by Harry Chapin.

recent survey of young people said that 53% of children said they would go to Google and the internet to get an answer before they would ask their parents. Well I don’t know how you feel about this but I would want my children to come to my wife and I first before they go to Google and the internet to find out about teenage drinking, drug use, pregnancy and sex.

My son Joe is now a young adult and not a drop of alcohol has ever touched his lips and he has never tried any illegal drugs. My wife and I were lucky but I think his basketball commitment and all the time we spent together contributed to this. Joe and I have discussions about drinking and peer pressure and his experiences and how he handled them at CoachYourKidz.com.

I believe that it is more difficult for each generation to handle peer pressure and bullying and being a parent. Become a part of your kidz life to keep them safe and show them they always have someone to go to when they need that person. "You are their Role Model".

Please join my son Joe and I and share our many experiences in the youth basketball world. You can teach your son or daughter the many drills or you can have them use the sight and do the drills. See videos of Joe doing the skill drills as a 4th grader and as a college player.

We hope you enjoy the site and that it proves to be beneficial and fun for all of you.

Thank you,

Coach Joe Tardif Sr. & Joe Tardif Jr.