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I remember the first time I volunteered to coach my sons' basketball team when he was in the 3rd grade. What's the big deal, I thought? I had been playing basketball my entire life. I soon found out that playing and coaching were two different things; Tryouts? Picking the team? Planning practices? An offense? A defense? Press breakers, out of bounds plays on and on… Oh did I mention that besides all of the above, the players could not dribble, shoot nor had any basketball skills. I was already prematurely grey but I think this experience help complete the process.

about_clip_image001I know that there are many of you parents that want to volunteer your time to be part of your kidz experiences and would like to be part of your community but you see the often insanity of youth sport programs. Or you just do not know much about the game of basketball.

Well I have news for you. Most of the people in your community that present themselves as experts in the game of basketball really know little about the game and less about coaching. If you wish to volunteer your time to be part of your community and want to spend some valuable time with your kidz do not be intimidated and coach that team.

If you coach your kidz team you will have the opportunity to spend time with your son or daughter in an atmosphere that many parents do not get to experience. You can see who are your kidz friends and how they respond in situations you may never have seen. If approached correctly it can be a rewarding experience for you.

I found it interesting that as I wrote this page I recalled my grade school basketball coach, Mr. Fairburn. How odd that I would remember him after 50 years but he was a wonderful man and I always had fun on his teams and more importantly felt safe with him (an important concern in today's world). I know wonder if I didn’t have such a good experience with him and had a coach that was a screamer and took away my confidence perhaps I would have never grew to love the game. A belated, "Thank you, Mr. Fairburn". I was lucky to have many good coaches growing up.

Today there are just too many youth coaches and programs that take the wrong approach and place winning the first priority rather than teaching the fundamentals and giving young people some confidence in themselves. You can be a Mr. Fairburn to the kidz in your community. I often tell parents that coach youth teams that when they are walking in the local store that people do not point to them and say to each other; "Hey that’s the coach that won the 5th grade town championship"! But they do say; "Hey that is my sons/daughters basketball coach and my kidz love him and learned a great deal from him".

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At Coach Your Kidz Team I take the same approach I do coaching my college team. Too many coaches make the game to complicated and over coach their team. I believe if you can get 5 players on the court that can play with basic fundamentals; good ball handling and passing skills, good spacing, boxing out, good individual and team defense, move without the ball and understand the basic principles of the game you will win games and develop good players.

Remember all you can do is to teach them basketball fundamentals and help them develop confidence in themselves. To be honest with you any coach can take the five best athletes in grade school and march them out onto the court and win games. But how many coaches can build a young players' self esteem and teach them the proper fundamentals and skills of basketball.

Do not label players and limit them to certain positions based on their size and athletic ability in grade school. Give all the players an opportunity to play and practice all the skills & drills. You do not know who will grow and who will develop the most athletically. Many people do not believe that my son Joe was the smallest and often least athletic player on his team in grade school (you will see proof in the Coach Your Kidz section). But Joe was the most fundamentally sound player in grade school and when he grew to become a 6'4" guard he became a very good player.

Many of the best players on Joe's grade school teams that were the biggest and best athletes on his teams never grew and never developed their skills and thus gave up playing. Their coaches did not help them by taking advantage of their early physical development just to win games. Many of those players thought that they failed when they did not become good high school players. But, they did not fail it was their coaches that failed them.

So do not be intimidate and coach your kidz team. Become a positive factor in your kidz life and other kidz lives.

Come join Joe Jr. and me and become a member of our basketball family.
Coach Joe Tardif Sr.