gold_dollarCoach Your Kidz providegold_dollars an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your organization or if you are a coach with a large contact database and would like to receive a commission for each membership registered in your name. Organizations:
We all know the high costs of running youth basketball organizations; gym rental, basketballs, uniforms, insurance, tournaments fees etc. Coach Your Kidz can help you with your fund raising activities. 

  • How many times have you stood outside a store or sat in your car while the player held a can for patrons of that store to put money in the can?
  • How many times have your players sold candy bars, calendars, magazine subscriptions?
  • How many times did you end up buying those items yourself to help meet a quota or just not have to put in your valuable time?
  • How many of your fundraising activities actually help improve your basketball program and the players' skills?
  • Using Coach Your Kidz as a fundraiser not only can help you defer some of your expenses but it also helps your basketball program by providing both coaches and parents the tools to teach their kidz skills and educate parents the intricacies and hard work the many people who run the organization (you).

For every membership enrolled thru your organization your organization will receive the following benefits:

  • Receive a commission for every membership that uses your organizations promotion code regardless if they are a member of your organization or not. So as members of your organization tells friends, relatives and others of Coach Your Kidz and those new members enroll and give your promotion code your organization receives the commission.
  • Coaches and parents will be on the same page regarding skill development
  • Coaches can plan their practice and development time based on skills & drills provided on Coach Your Kidz. Coaches can tell players to go home and to print out certain skills worksheets and work on those skills that week.
  • When a coach is demonstrating a certain skill set he or she can point to the Coach Your Kidz website and tell the players to review the proper footwork, motions etc.
  • Perhaps the most time consuming and most difficult skill to teach is shooting the ball. Coach Your Kidz has a full shooting program. Coaches can point their players to the video section of the website to review and print out the worksheets and practice their shooting at home. It is easier to correct a players shooting form if a coach can point to a particular video; "Your shooting elbow is pointing out, Your feet are not in proper balance or you are shooting with two hands".
  • Coaches can use the many skill drills in their practices.
  • Coaches can use "Coach Your Kidz Team" and learn how to conduct tryouts and plan practices.

For more information about fundraising opportunities for your organization click on the link below:

Use Coach Your Kidz for extra income:
If you have many basketball contacts, large database or conduct clinics use Coach Your Kidz for an extra income earning opportunity.

  • If you conduct clinics promote Coach Your Kidz to players, parents & coaches and receive a monthly commission check.
  • Anyone that enrolls using the promotion code provided for you, you will receive the commission. So as others promote Coach Your Kidz and use your promotion code you receive a commission.
  • Use the Coach Your Kidz shooting program to promote your program. It is a full shooting program included in the membership of Coach Your Kidz.
  • Receive monthly checks for just providing emails to us or promoting Coach Your Kidz.

For more information about fundraising opportunities for your organization click on the link below: