Kidz Snorting Candies Yes, hard to believe are your kidz snorting the popular Smarties candies?
Harry Chapin’s ‘Cat’s in the Cradle "They grow up so fast"! "Where did all the time go"? Watch this video from Harry Chapin chronicling the life of a busy dad and his son.
Google Survey Most children would prefer to ask Google if they have a question – not their parents.


Stop Bullying Learn more about bullying and how to protect your Kidz at the page
Cyber Bulling & Your Kidz Bullying is no longer the same as when we grew up. Today with Cyber Bullying our Kidz are faced with bullying on a 24 hour basis and on a larger scale.

Underage Drinking

Stop Underage Drinking Read statistical data regarding teenage drinking today and many other resources for parents.
Parents, Teens, and Alcohol: A Dangerous Mix In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reports that a shocking one third of high-schoolers are binge-drinkers. Yet a poll conducted by the group Drug Strategies showed that only three percent of parents thought their teens had indulged in binge drinking in the past month


Creatine If your sons are teenagers then you should know that the safety and efficacy of creatine has not been established in adolescents. Yet despite the lack of research in teens, a 2001 study in the journal Pediatrics reported that creatine is used by young athletes in every grade from six to 12 (44% of 12th graders reported using creatine)

Parents please read below information on the Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana Best known by the street names "Spice" or "K2," fake weed is an herbal mixture sprayed with chemicals intended to create a high similar to smoking marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Advertised as a "legal" alternative to weed, it's often sold as incense or potpourri and in most states, it's anything but legal.

And the 17-year-old has a message for anyone who wants to try fake weed.

Spice/Synthetic Marijuana "My son is addicted to spice," Shyanne told Eyewitness News. She gave an interview on condition her last name wasn't used. "He's gotten to the point where he's homeless, because the drug is more important to him than his family."