Parent Testimonials:
When Parents were asked what do you like about the program?
"The fact that it exists."-N.D.  
"Her entire high school varsity team could benefit from your workouts, including their coach." -R.H.

"I am seeing great strides in her ball handling and her shooting is improving."-S.K. 

Hi Joe,Have been planning to email you but was real busy the past couple of days. My son made the freshman team. 33 kids tried out …My son's confidence was the highest I've ever seen it.

He told me the coach complimented him in front of the entire team for his ball fakes during a drill they were doing and he said that's the fake that Coach Joe taught me......

So I think it's safe to say that son got exactly what he needed from your program…
Your program is the reason he's where he is right now and I just feel real fortunate that we found you guys.

"Hi Guys",Wanted to let you know that our daughter made the freshman girls team. Varsity graduated a number of seniors and the result was 2 freshmen going to varsity and 3 to jv.Net is that my daughter will start and sounds like she will be the #1. She is a little nervous but I think this is a great chance for her to take her game up a notch and not be in the shadow of some of the other players.

Both my son and daughter enjoy your workouts, and I remain a big fan.


Coach,My daughter played in a high school game last night against another girl that participates in your program.My daughter average 100% on her 3-pt. shots with 4 for 4 in her 3pt. shots and the other girl in your program averaged 50% on her 3-point shots and made 2 or her 3pt. shots.

My daughter's team lost but I actually hope to meet up with them again in the playoffs.

Thank you,

My daughter and her friend both participate in your program and play on the same travel team. They are not liking the Travel team though. There are 2 others girls that have played AAU level ball and all 4 of them are struggling with the coaching. Our daughters have learned so much from doing your drills and program.The skills and drills have been burned into them so much so that when they are playing or practicing it’s hard for them to hold back from what they have learned.
The Asst Coach for their team was trying to correct my daughter on her shooting stance and this frustrated her.. I had her review video training to re-enforce what she learned.

Hi Joe,My daughter had a very good game last night for her high school team. I wanted to thank
you for all the help you have provided to make this a great season for her.There is a nice article in local paper about her.

Thank you,

Hi Guys,
I want to take a minute to thank you again for all your dedication to this basketball program. I do want you to know that both my girls have improved using your program. Thanks to both of you!
J. B.

We should be giving you all the sincere "thank you!" You guys are great and my girls enjoyed another great season. They love the game of basketball and are feeling more and more confident because of the wonderful skills you have taught them! Thanks again for your enthusiasm and hard work!

Joe and Joe Jr:
I just had to send you a note to thank you so much for making my daughter a better shooter. The work is paying off this year with her high school performance.Case in point was the game she played Friday night against her division rival. It was a match up between the number 1 team in Division 1 and the #2 team.  She hit 5 three point shots, a 15 foot jumper and 1 free throw. Two of the 3 pointers came at a time in the game when the other team was making a run to close the lead.She hit 2 in a row and that pretty much put an end to the run. The most satisfying part was what the coach said after the game. After those 2 three pointers he said......" Game over," "Those shots were big. She's a shooter. She's hard to cover because she's got such a quick release."

You guys should be proud of the results you get from your program.

Thanks again.
D. M.

I just wanted to let you know that my son scored 16 points in the game tonight. The shooting program has really helped her. Thanks so much!

Hi Coach Tardiff,
Just wanted to let you know that Bryan made the Freshman Basketball Team. Twenty-three kids tried-out and 14 made the team. I 100% believe the program you have and the personal weight training both got Bryan up to where he needed to be physically and mentally
J. M.

I appreciate your approach to the young players and that is why I know if my daughter is to improve her skills it has to be under the guidance of someone such as yourself and Joe Jr. Currently she is a tall 7th grader but her goal is to play in High School and I know at that level she will likely be a 2 guard or a small 3, so I know she has to work as much on her away from the basket skills as her current under the basket skills

Players Comments:
"I like the emphasis on skills."-J.M.

"I really feel like I improved."-J.F

"I like the drills...and they help me a lot with my left hand dribbling."-C.F.

"I love you Coach Tardif and Joe!"-B.P.

“My daughter’s entire high school varsity team could benefit from your program, including the coach!”

- R.H.

“My son had a very good game last night for his high school team. I wanted to thank you for all the help you have provided to make this a great season for him.”

- C.P.